HME Community Guidelines

Hot Mess Express Community Guidelines

This community is meant to help provide you with a sense of belonging and support. We know many of you have established and maintain significant relationships with each other and we want to continue to provide those opportunities for others. However, it is not necessary or even prudent to attempt to establish a significant relationship with every single individual in the community. It quickly becomes unmanageable and ultimately becomes a source of stress.

Disagreeing is natural in relationships. We will do it in a respectful manner in this community because we will choose positivity every time. The best way to resolve any disagreement is with a direct, respectful conversation with the individual. Involving third parties or public announcements will only increase tensions and breathe life into the issues. If you have concerns about reaching out to someone or have tried and it was not a positive experience you need to reach out to any one of the page administrators for support. We are here for you.

Hot Mess Express Closed Group Posting Guidelines

These rules are in place to make sure that all members are afforded an opportunity to have a positive experience in our community. These rules only apply to content within the HME website and Facebook group.

Golden Rule Applies

  • No offensive or violent language
  • No fighting, name calling or making anyone feel bullied or criticized in this group.
  • No Zoom or other video chat links
  • No posts or videos discussing grievances with other members or desires to leave the group
  • If you disagree in a debate going on in a post then share your opinion (politely – because after all that’s all it is – an opinion!) then leave it at that and agree to disagree.
  • If you are causing/starting drama in the group or upsetting or abusing people you will be removed from the group and banned permanently for doing so. No exceptions!
  • This includes unnecessary negative comments on how someone parents or chooses to raise their little humans.
  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs
  • Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material
  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices
  • Attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual
  • No Commercial/Political Solicitations
  • No posts asking us to vote for your photo, donate to your fund or champion some other worthy cause. We do have a heart and yes we’d like to support various causes and shine light on various tragedies that occur in the world but this is not the place to do so.
  • No Commercial solicitations or posts advertising/promoting this includes advertising your own blog, or other social media location eg Pinterest, Instagram account etc
  • No politics

Reporting of Misconduct – Members are encouraged to immediately report any violation of the community rules to any page administrator. HME admins will handle any misconduct that happens within the confines of our online community or Facebook group. We will not intervene into private chats, groups or messages beyond the HME community.

  • How to Report – Click on the ellipses in the top right of the post (three dots) then select

Report Post or Report to Admin. Additionally, you can simply screenshot the post or comment and message it to any page admin.

Violation of these rules may result in your post being removed or your removal from the Hot Mess Express Community.