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with Mia + Lauri

We sometimes get bogged down by the few negative moments that we lose sight of the many great things. This positivity challenge is designed to help us focus on the great things happening in our lives.

Fitness Bootcamp

with Kia

Hot Mess Express Fitness Challenge by Kia is designed to help you kick start your 2018. The challenge has been designed to meet you where ever you are in your fitness journey. Be sure to review the Fitness Challenge Disclaimer prior to engaging in any of the fitness activities involved with this challenge.

Scoop the Poop

with Meredith

The Scoop the Poop Challenge has been designed to help you dominate the Hide and Seek game you are playing with your true self. A terrific follow-up to Scoop the Poop book, the challenge helps you take inventory, appreciate perspective and kick mom guilt in the teeth. Jump in to the challenge below.