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Scoop the Poop By Meredith Masony

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I woke up in the morning in a zombie state. I struggled to get the kids off to school. I talked myself into getting ready for work. I packed lunches, checked backpacks, planned crock pot meals, and wished I was somewhere else. Yes, that’s right. I wished I was somewhere other than my kitchen listening to my children fight over the last pack of fruit snacks. I dreamt about a life that was less stressful and more enjoyable. These thoughts made me cry on the way to drop off my kids at school. These thoughts made me feel like a terrible person.These thoughts made me feel like I was the worst Mother on the planet.

I was ashamed to have these thoughts. I felt like I was failing at life. I was overworked, under appreciated, and dreaming of wanting more. Why wasn’t I happy? Life seemed to be a chronic shit storm and I was the imbecilic meteorologist who forgot her umbrella. I decided that I needed to chase my dreams. I decided I had to find a way to scoop the poop and find my passion.

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2 reviews for Scoop the Poop By Meredith Masony

  1. Christi Shearer

    I DEVOURED THIS AMAZING BOOK in 2 hrs or less, I laughed, cried and wanted to read it again. I wanted more!
    If you’re considering on buying this book, please don’t hesitate! Very moving, emotional, relatable and hilarious. This book isn’t just for Mom’s it’s perfect for any parent, partnership and moms/dads to be.
    I thought I was alone, everyone else was perfect, but this book shines light and exposes the REALITY of life, no filter! If I had to choose anything for sale by That’s Inappropriate hands down this would be my choice. (If I absolutely had to choose!)
    I find myself often thinking, okay I need to scoop this poop even if I don’t feel like it!

  2. Babushka Brown

    hey guys mrs brown here i love this book it is very funny my kid (he is anti-vax) is very relatable i mean he has mesales but who cares measles is a beautiful beautiful thing scooping poop is very common with our 4 chickens and sometimes they get in the house and poop and it sucks i am a english teacher from india and would like to thank you in my language. ??? ??? ?????? ??????!!

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